About Us


Over thirteen years of operation, the Saxa Rosata Group has developed over 57,000 sqm of commercial real estate. Tenant satisfaction is our main goal, accomplished through a combination of advanced construction techniques, proactive asset management, customer feedback and a constant drive to improve.

In the past ten years, nearly 250 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have relocated to Formello business district, a trend expected to continue well into the future. The array of businesses operating there includes consulting companies, movie production houses and a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as numerous bars and restaurants.

“Saxa Rosata Group” is a commercial real estate development and investment company based in Formello, Rome (Italy). Our mission is the development of high quality commercial real estate to enable present and prospective tenants to establish and successfully grow their businesses.


personCarlo Mozzi

CEO, Founder

Carlo is the CEO and co-founder of the Saxa Rosata Group. Carlo studied law at ”La Sapienza” University and did his first real estate investment in 1977. During his career has been in charge of the development of over 1m sqf of commercial real estate, including office, storage and retail.

personPietrina Mozzi


Pietrina is co-founder of Gruppo Saxa Rosata. She studied Politcal Science at ”La Sapienza” University. She is in charge of managing the accounting for the Group.

GabriellaGabriella Mozzi

Asset Manager

Gabriella is in charge of managing Saxa Rosata’s real estate portfolio. Gabriella earned a law degree from “La Sapienza” University, where she specialized in business law, and attended business post graduate education at the IPSOA institute.

CarolaCarola Mozzi

Sales Rep

Carola is in charge of sales and marketing. Carola studies Art History at “La Terza”  University.

RubenRuben Mozzi

Acquisitions/Development Advisor

Ruben advises the group in the areas of Acquisitions and Development. Ruben began his career in consulting working for IF International in London, UK, before taking a role as business analyst at Cisco Systems in California, U.S.. Lately he has been involved in the acquisition and management of commercial and residential real estate in NYC, U.S.. He graduated summa cum laude from “La Terza” University in Rome with a BA in Business and Economics and earned a MBA in Real Estate Finance from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

FrancescoFrancesco Giulianelli

Law Advisor

Francesco advises the group in the area of law.  Francesco graduated summa cum laude from “La Terza” University where he focused on Real Estate law and where was offered teaching assistant position. He further specialized in civil and business law at the Notary School Anselmo Anselmi.

personAngelo Pira

Maintenance and Site Management

Angelo has ten years of experience in construction and property management in both commercial and residential real estate